Olga Buzova drew myself male press

Olga Buzova drew myself male press

The singer was criticized for Photoshop.

The other day, Olga Buzova complained of fatigue. Even on the weekend days of the singer is working to 2 night hours - preparing for further solo concert in Moscow. engaged vocals, perfects movement in the dance hall.

"And the day, and night getting ready for her show. I do not understand, I sleep now, or wait out the time, To go back to rehearse ", - complained Olga fans.

The singer told, that her muscles unaccustomed to such huge loads, and now the whole body hurts.

"But there are good moments. Looms wonderful relief ", - boasted Buzova, upload photos with naked stomach.

Photo: @ buzova86

That's just a figure of Olga fans did not appreciate. Very much overinflated turned her press. Many associate the singer's belly with a male torso.

«Excuse, but do not need you so. It's not feminine relief, more on waist Man looks ". "Olya, what you cubes on his stomach - is not so feminine and ugly ".

By the way, a week back singer even suspected pregnancy. Olga has posted video from the shooting. The singer poses for the camera in a slinky dress, under which looked through a small tummy.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Publication of Olga Buzova (@ buzova86) 29 Oct 2018 at 9:30 PDT

And after seven days Buzova shows well-defined cubes press. However, there applets, that will draw press and a couple of minutes.

"This is Photoshop, how annoying it might sound, breached upon application of the relief angle, - write in the comments. - The left side of the press from us looks a bit larger than the right. Probably, the press has, but not such a big. And he, who is editing photos, I decided to "a little" spice ".

And really, somehow Olga boasts a stone press only photos. But in the video the singer is always in free clothes.

"I am not a specialist in photo processing, but I think, that the real news, - says fitness coach Andrew Sonin. - However, to lose weight in a week so unreal. To achieve a similar effect can be, only very dehydrated, taking diuretics. But it is very harmful to health "