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Day and night in David Koma collection Spring-Summer 2020

creative activity of the designer decade was celebrated Fashion Week in London. David Koma spring-summer 2020 Smooth 10 years ago, at 2009 year, David Koma graduated from training at Central Saint Martins, where he went after the Stieglitz Academy in St. Petersburg, almost immediately he founded the eponymous brand David Koma, and then did a hand in the revival of Mugler house, […]

perfect America: Michael Kors Collection Spring-Summer 2020

A collection of love-was presented on the last day of Fashion Week in New York. Michael Kors Collection Spring-Summer 2020 Michael Kors - one of the best strategists in the fashion-world. Even before the show, he fueled interest in the event with the help of a picture, on which were depicted brand logo framed by cherry pie, as well as the signature of American Pie. Нет, the famous film references […]

Floral motifs and intricate draping in a collection Jason Wu Spring-Summer 2020

Bright return of Jason Wu commissioned Fashion Week. Jason Wu Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion is developing by leaps and bounds, therefore any lack in its maelstrom who rarely says goodbye. What can we say, if it is delayed for a year or more. And the few who can once again return to the ranks, and make a splash. However, Jason Wu, after one and a half years of absence in the main […]

reed: Sheik so thin, that dumped shorts with her

Apparently, nervous stress after breaking up with Bradley Cooper said the figure top model. While the world continues to discuss the breakup top model Irina Shayk Russian origin and the American actor Bradley Cooper, and sneer at those verbal battles, that arranged our compatriots in Instagram account-Lady Gaga, the model itself travels around the world, educates her daughter, solve the pressing business and […]