Kvitko lighted obesity and inability to pose for the camera; real photos of stars; latest news 2018

Kvitko lighted obesity and inability to pose for the camera; real photos of stars; latest news 2018

The network got the real picture of Anastasia.

Russian Kardashian leaves no one indifferent, who despite whatever time I saw her photo. Some admired the 23-year-old girl: unrealistically thin waist, very lush hips, huge bust, perfect skin and doll face. others believe, that model figure so very unnatural and resembles cartoon.

But in fact, 99 interest of fans and haters Kvitko never beheld it no live, any photo with no retouching. Naturally, everyone knew, that in the pages of glossy magazines Anastasia embellishes a whole team of experts - from make-up artists and professional photographers to shaders. And in its own Instagram girl herself photoshop pictures, chastelno allowing funny bloopers. But how different the reality of the glossy pictures, we do not even know.

The network got the pictures from the party of the prestigious brand PLT and Hailey Baldwin. Kvitko there was too secular and even posed for photographers.

Photo: Legion-media.ru

Where a narrow waist, graceful hands and ankles, flawless skin? Instead, we see a bulging belly, extra weight in all strategically important place and inability to pose for the camera. Naturally, All models in reality, do not look presentable, both on the covers of magazines, but here the differences are striking.

Also, Kvitko, как водится, shared photos from the party and the same press Walla with millions of its own subscribers. Except that it appeared to them in a completely different light. Compare!

In his Instagram ... Photo: @anastasiya_kvitko... and indeed Photos: Legion-media.ru

Seem to be, It's time to finish boasts Kvitko, that it will soon overtake the popularity of Kardashian, and how to do them. But now we realize, why Anastasia rarely (read - almost never) It does not appear at prestigious social events and various award ceremonies, where around scurrying paparazzi.

by the way, Baby-Face Nasty, is the envy of all the girls, - chiseled chin, sharp cheekbones, neat nose and seductive lips - in reality looks also not quite so. At least, compared with the, that can be seen on the model page.

In his Instagram ... Photo: @anastasiya_kvitko... and indeed Photos: Legion-media.ru

Recall, Kvitko than once read in an interview: "I am sure of himself at all 100 percent, I would never have become to change their appearance. for instance, my nose with a slight hump, but I love him and therefore - this is my zest. There was a time, when they were thought to correct the defect, but I dissuaded, We called to love yourself so, which have, and nothing will change. Now is pleased, that listened close people. If I ventured on plastic, I would have changed all my facial features, have lost individuality ".

Well, It is now clear: plastykoy Kvitko, can, and not abuse. But her beauty at least half - thanks to the good photographers and shaders, it became clear without further evidence.