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Acne and crooked teeth: Cersei looks like in real life

If you kompleksuete because of appearance, look at Lena Headey without make-up. Star of the series "Game of Thrones", finishing the season which will start soon, often criticized. In recent years, the main foci of intense discussions her person were two topics - appearance and political views. And on the days of the actress decided to give Hayter rebuffed on all fronts. Lina recorded […]


Nyusha admitted, that recovered after childbirth

And I told, Can we expect something new in her work. In November, all congratulated Nyusha with the birth of her first daughter, and after the singer briefly went into family life. It is not so long ago, during Fashion Week in Moscow star finally back in operation and showed, that from it definitely should expect new projects! […]

Kim Kardashian without photoshop, figure: a photo 2019

These are some indescribable sizes. One of the most popular girls in the world watches carefully for the, so that fans have not seen her in a bad form. Kim herself recognized, he could not even wash off makeup at night, if in the morning it when leaving the house once to make up. For photos on personal pages of her retoucher at a special […]