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Milota day: Daddy Lion for the first time met with his son

The little cub has fascinated millions of users on the network. Recently the Denver Zoo has shared a video, where the left-dad for the first time meets his almost newborn baby. Cub was at this moment for five weeks, but before the pope to launch in the aviary to the mother and the baby can not. certainly, playing zveryata - enchanting spectacle. But in this video attracts attention time, когда папа […]

The bear made himself a den in the basement of an apartment house

Косолапый всерьез принялся «гнездоваться» там на зимовку, перепугав людей таким соседством до полусмерти. Представьте — сидите вы тихо-мирно за ужином или вечерним чаепитием, а в окно к вам заглядывает… медведь. Yes, это очень по-русски, если верить стереотипам о нашей стране. Но в похожую ситуацию попала семья американцев: в их доме решил поселиться огромный медведь. И теперь […]

Doctors have called the new danger of vegetarianism

It turns out, abandonment of animal food destroys teeth. The transformation in the Vega can affect your smile is not the best way. So, Dr. Mervyn Drujan from the London Center of Cosmetic Dentistry says, that today the rise of patients with caries after, they gave up eating certain foods. The fact, that the number of fans is growing vegetarianism, а при […]

The worms are dangerous for cats

Worms - a frequent uninvited guests in the body of each animal. It should be noted, they are great harm both to the pet, and its owner. It is therefore very important to regularly carry out preventive measures, in order to prevent the probability of occurrence of worms in cats. In fact, it should be noted, что гельминты могут проникнуть в организм питомца в любое […]