Unsuccessful photoshop stars 2019

Unsuccessful photoshop stars 2019

With photo editing need to be careful.

The desire to bring its appearance to perfection often leads to amusing discomfiture. This sin and stars, who often resort to a photo editor. But not everyone has the personal profiles on retoucher salary, like Kim Kardashian. A embellishing your images without the help of others, famous beauties sometimes overdoing.

For example, Nyusha, I want to show the army of four million subscribers to its new photo, "Smoothed" the skin so, she had lost her famous mole.

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha

"Where's the birthmark?"- immediately became agitated subscribers. Is the singer has decided to remove it? But, a closer look, saw the, that young mom just overdone retouched.

Reviled followers of the bust with photoshop and Olga Buzov. In the last image of her face became very "plastic", and cheek were weird bands - apparently, badly smeared on hair strands. And the most attentive see, Olga also tried a little to reduce his nose.

by the way, before Olga draws steel press itself, but the fans did not appreciate it too.

Photo: @ buzova86

Others Instagram-diva, eg, Daria Pynzar, pay more attention to the figure, than face. Former member of the "House-2" is not just damning in, her unprecedented harmony - the award is not a diet and gym, but merely photoeditors. But Pynzar continues to reduce the waist with the help of Photoshop.

Photo: @ darya_pinzar86

In the midst of the stars, which often (and not always successfully) resort to the help of a special program, - Anastasia, Anastasia Kostenko, Anna Sedokova and even Natalia Vodianova. We collected them in a gallery fotopromahi.