At what age should give the child cream

At what age should give the child cream

Sour cream - it is a very useful product, that pleases both adults and children. In our country the cream is almost mandatory product in a refrigerator, it can be eaten with different dishes, both with meat, and sweet, and as a basis of food. But when a family has a small child, who really need it is the adult table, you must take care of its separate supply. After all, between the ages of 6 months, the child still can not eat adult products. Therefore it is necessary to understand, perceived as sour cream child's body, how and how much it is possible to give kids.

Regarding the use of sour cream for children is to say, proteins that are present in it, which are easily absorbed by the child's body. Also in sour cream has an amino acid important baby, fatty acids and carbohydrates, giving energy. Children cream also rich in vitamin B group, E, D, N, folic acid, niacin and choline. It is fermented milk product of this kid will get iodine, calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, sulfur, copper and phosphorus, and the other valuable items.

Important in the composition of sour cream is lactose, essential for calcium absorption, and supporting the GI tract microflora is normal. Sour cream can prevent fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, giving stimulation timely emptying. But there are children with lactose intolerance, and parents is very important to know this, otherwise there is an allergy. In a strongly early this product is also not recommended, because there is a part of the saturated fats, which are difficult to digest. And even a very high quality cream can cause vomiting in infants, pride and how.

Sour cream for the children should be the average fat content. Since fat product can disrupt metabolic processes in the body and cause problems of liver function, endocrine system and gall bladder. Many can not give the baby cream, as there may be a problem with obesity and cardiovascular system.

Baby from 6 months can be given only to a special children's cream, eg , which is made taking into account the peculiarities of the child's body. Since shoplifting dairy products can be composed of components harmful to children and stabilizers. foods for infants should be as fresh, since stale products can cause an intestinal infection. If you watch a baby or any signs of intestinal infection, abdominal cramps e.g., vomiting, loose stools, urgently need to see a doctor.