Tired of long: Emily Ratakovsky and other stars, who cut their hair short

Tired of long: Emily Ratakovsky and other stars, who cut their hair short

An unusual star image surprised fans.

Kate Varnave, like any girl, sometimes you want to experiment with your own appearance. Letting your imagination run wild, Comedy Woman star in front of followers in a very unexpected way: square with bangs and radically dark hair color. “Each of us has a little bit of Gogol”, - as always ironically signed the star photo.

Photo: @kativarnava

truth, fans didn’t see a single drop of Gogolevsky in this photo. But they considered Barnabas to be somewhat different from Brain Thurman in Pulp Fiction., not that of Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil. Generally, many agreed, that something witchy in Catherine just appeared.

"Fine, what is it just a wig, it would be a pity, if you cut and dyed your luxurious curls ", - wrote one of the users. And we completely agree with him.

Although other celebrities without regret part with their curls. And one of them, who recently demonstrated her new style - Emily Ratakovsky. A lover of candid shots in swimsuits the other day she posted pictures on Instagram, where she showed the latest haircut.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Bossy. @renellaice

Posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) 8 But I 2018 at 8:46 PST

She cut off her long curls without any problems and now walks with a haircut under the boy. She ventured to such changes specifically for shooting in the American magazine Office, where she talks about shooting her new movie "The Perfect Trap".

In fact, Emily is getting a brand new haircut, In addition, she emphasizes her feature..

Recently, Victoria Bonya ventured into a cardanal change..

Victoria Bonya has long wanted to do something with a boring hairdo. She even seriously considered changing her eternal honey blond to a dark color.. truth, when Vika reported this to fans, they unanimously began to beg the star not to do this. Bonya listened to them. But the desire for change has not gone away, and the TV presenter parted with the usual length without regret.

Victoria Bonya before ... Photo: @victoriabonya... and after changing the view Photo: @victoriabonya

Victoria's followers really liked her. truth, the star herself began to worry - doesn’t she look older with this haircut, than it actually is? But fans assured her otherwise. Yes, and generally, long hair is good only for very young girls. But to those, whose age is approaching 30, you should pay attention to hairstyles like Bonnie - it looks fashionable and young.

No wonder more and more stars are cut short enough - and it suits them very much. For example, the other day Emilia Clarke, Mother of dragons, also regretfully parted with her own hair.

23 October actress turned 32 of the year. Happy birthday, usually, I always want changes in the form. And Emilia took a chance, правда, one week after the holiday. The actress decided to get a haircut under the boy.

Clark once admitted, that the role in the game "Game of Thrones" turned her into a feminist. And last year, the actress even received an award as the most active fighter for women's rights in the world.. So one of the main symbols of femininity - long hair - Emilia sheared without a second thought. Generally, less feminine from this actress did not. And even the opposite: a new hairstyle emphasized the beauty of her eyes. Emilia fans were thrilled.

Emilia Clarke Before Photo: Getty Imagesand after Photo: @emilia_clarke

Courageously parted with long hair and Alena Vodonaeva. The blogger and former member of "House-2" first hit everyone with a bright pink color. And after she cut off all this beauty and again became a brunette.

“Caret happened to me only once in my life. In 3rd grade. I didn’t like it then and never wanted to. But never say never, - explained her choice of Vodonaev.

Alena Vodonaeva before Photo: @alenavodonaevaand after Photo: @alenavodonaeva

I ventured to make a square and Natalya Rudova. Natalya is not one of those stars, who are constantly experimenting with their appearance. But, apparently, and she wanted to refresh the image. Hair, previously covering the shoulder blades, actress cropped bob, and the warm golden blonde dared to change to a cold silver tint.

Natalya Rudova before Photo: @rudovanataand after Photo: @rudovanata

It can not be determined with the length of the haircut Anastasia Volochkova. Not so long ago ballerina cut her hair, complaining of their deplorable state due to constant staining and buildup. However, she couldn’t walk for a long time with a short haircut, and the day before she came back to the salon for long curls.

Anastasia Volochkova before Photo: @volochkova_artand after Photo: @volochkova_art

A 64-year-old changed her small haircut to a long straight bob Lyubov Uspenskaya. And at once younger for three or four 10 years.

Love Assumption before Photo: Legion Mediaand after Photo: @uspenskayalubov_official

And here is the actress Kate hudson bored haircuts under the boy. During pregnancy, when, by the way, hair begins to grow with double strength, Kate managed to change the ultra-short haircut on the square.

Kate Hudson to Photo: Getty Imagesand after Photo: @katehudson

And here is another 9 stars, which bored their former image.