Cindy Crawford showed the perfect ass: Photo 2018

Cindy Crawford showed the perfect ass: Photo 2018

it seems, 52-the summer model is currently in top shape, than in youth.

Cindy from that generation of supermodels, who proclaimed the cult of a healthy body and appetizing fit forms. This is a bit later androgyny and excessive thinness came into fashion..

And at the moment, many podium stars look like “hangers”, while Cindy on the sixth 10-ke impresses with his figure. This was once again convinced by all, who saw the top model on a recent run.

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Such a taut pope can be envied by much younger girls.. And in general, Cindy's figure looks amazing - more 30 You won’t give this beauty. By the way, when she goes for a walk with her own daughter Kaya Gerber (which also quickly conquers world podiums), you can’t say so right away, who looks prettier - mom or daughter.

And this is reasonable. To, not Cindy, by whose video millions of women did aerobics and shaping, know all the secrets of harmony? By the way, Crawford herself still uses exercises from her sports video programs.

"The star was saying, what is her usual workout - 20 minutes of cardio (trampolining, ellipse or run on a track) and strength exercises: lunges, squats, push ups. Do not mind Cindy running around in the freshest air - in the park or even on the stairs, which leads from them with the spouse of the house to the beach.

No wonder Cindy is invited almost every month to appear for glossy magazines. Not so long ago, she hit fans with topless backstages from the prestigious photo shoot in Malibu. And the other day showed footage from a new shoot: endless slim legs and coats, abandoned, seem to be, on the naked body.

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