Alice Tulynina the most beautiful woman of the world, Mrs.Globe

Alice Tulynina the most beautiful woman of the world, Mrs.Globe

Shenzhen, Китай, It ended one of the most influential beauty contests Mrs.Globe 2019. Home crown went to 35-year-old beauty, mother of two children from Tatarstan.

Alice Tulynina - happy wife, mother of two children from Kazan, in the competition represented the Tatarstan. She was elected the winner of the 65 Women from around the globe. About his own victory Alice told "Instagram" social network:

- I'm very tired, but very happy!

The most beautiful woman of the world Alice TulyninaFoto: @mrs_globe

According to the Alice, it was the most beautiful and organized a competition of beauty, in which it has participated. One of her major titles to Mrs. Globe 2019 It was "Our homeland Mrs. International - 2011".

Attention was drawn to the girls from early morning until late evening, because they have always been in full make-up, on his heel and with a smile on his face.

In addition to extensive rehearsals show contest participants visited a charity visit to a nursing home, and the Chinese in the most beautiful park of miniatures in Shenzhen. A slumber party was held inside of the competition, where even the cameramen were in pajamas, exchange gifts with girls from different countries, presentation of himself and the state suits.

Houses for Alice ached beloved husband, two children, parents, colleagues and members of her 2-Kazan beauty studios and countless customers - it is one of the most desired make-up stylists in the city and country.

Problems at the competition, Judging by her reporting in social networks, enough: which had only a complete lack fairly good light in the hotel room, where all the participants lived. Had collected in the dark. But it was most difficult to be away from the daughters of Eve, which turned into the competition 9 years. All participants of the contest for the girls sang «Happy birthday to you». It was very touching.

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