Selection and storage of mascara

Selection and storage of mascara

In the beauty industry, the most common means of decorative cosmetics for the face is a mascara. Each girl tries to make expressive eyes with her, every woman makes more saturated its natural beautiful eyelashes. But many do not know, how to properly choose and how to correctly use, keep an open ink. There are a number of rules and conditions.

Choosing mascara

The choice of mascara should not be spontaneous. Be sure to prepare for this moment, and better plan the day well. Here are some tips on selecting the right mascara:

  • Do not refuse the help of a consultant on cosmetics. Usually, these people know what means should be client. But the consultant must know, he wants to choosing. It is therefore important to determine the most. If you need volume or curling eyelashes, or extension, or all together.
  • Never test your mascara on the eyelashes painted. It will not show the desired result, and maybe even completely spoil the view selector means. If so try, the fresh mascara just gather in clumps of eyelashes, or even derail colored layer eyelashes. It is unlikely that someone will like the effect of such actions.
  • Do not purchase means, which recommended a friend. Each individual ink. It can come in the parameters to someone, and the other - no. decide for yourself, what is needed and what effect.

Recommendations for the use and storage of mascara

The most important - is to understand, that the mascara has a shelf life and service life. Validity is indicated on the packaging, and the term of use of the recommendations of cosmetologists and ophthalmologists has three months after opening. For those, who are accustomed to using a thick ink, all will seem liquid. Therefore, a new package is opened and left as such for 10-12 hours. But not peresushyte! It is better, of course, spy on her, and then you can wait for the right consistency. Not carry ink with a purse in hot and cold weather, Do not store in the bathroom, Not diluted by any means. One last tip: do not try to return the carcass to its former freshness and liquid. Everything has its own life. It is better to purchase a new, but with good fresh ingredients and components.

И помните, no bad mascara, It has chosen the wrong tool. Therefore, the selection is important to be taken seriously, than then were dissatisfied or amend and bring to the desired type of mascara.

On a note: Пройти обучение на курсах по наращиванию ресниц вы можете школе красоты PROFESSIONAL.