Bride DiCaprio Camila Morrone appeared without makeup

Bride DiCaprio Camila Morrone appeared without makeup

sport, you thought, that the top models may look like ...

Another year Nazal name Camila Morrone could be heard only in a narrow coterie model. Now the girl is called the adopted daughter of Al Pacino (her mother Lucille Sola affair with Hollywood heartthrob), the most beautiful Argentine model and bride ... Leonardo DiCaprio.

But one thing about it, you can say for sure. Camila - woman without complexes. More recently, beauty, at one point became famous all over the world, She posed in mikrobikini, now she appeared without makeup.

Photo: @camilamorrone

on photo, a model shared with followers Instagram, Camila does not give more 17 years old. flawless skin, funny freckles and huge brown eyes, which, apparently, and conquered the handsome Leo.

Camila without makeup looks even better, than perfect evening Meiko. Fans were so delighted, they could not refrain from comments.

"Camel, you fire! The most beautiful", "Understand, why Leo vtyurilsya. Real and natural ", "The Best", - they wrote.

Interesting, that the 20-year-old girl did not just accept, what, regardless of the nature of their work, almost does not use makeup in everyday life. And specifically, it helped keep her youth and freshness of the skin ...

Напомним, about the novel DiCaprio and Camille talked this spring, and in the summer, it became clear, that the actor is seriously in love. It not only carries with Morrone all free weekend, but also met his future mother-in.