Fashionable hair ornaments: every day a new you

Fashionable hair ornaments: every day a new you

The choice of hair accessories, and they are now so much - it's not only a great way every day to change his image in accordance with the mood and style of clothing, but also the first assistant in the fight against stress. When you enter the store - just eyes run from the great diversity and variety of colors have been laid out in the windows of gum, zakolok, stealth, crabs and crabs, Hoops various colors, styles and textures, dressings and studs.

Gum ... They are in great demand since the days of our grandmothers, and, if they had to cut a boring strip of cycling cells, then we were lucky more. Gum-in hairpieces hair tone or contrasting shades, with braids or strands of unkempt, decorate everyday ponytail or bun, and can quite harmoniously fit into the intricate evening hairstyle.

Do not lose relevance and terry gum - one of them a great number of easy to choose the most, suitable to the bright topography for a hike in the fitness center or favorite pullover for a walk in the park. Lovers of classic low-key fit the strict, covered with velvet or silk cloth gum, and in the mood, you can choose decorated with rhinestones, beads or embroidery.

Still do not lose their relevance clip-machines and crabs of various shapes, colors and sizes. Performed in the popular ethnic style or maritime theme, they decorate colorful summer outfit, a classic in the tone of the hair simply emphasize the natural beauty and luster strands. The barrette attracts not only the diversity and richness of colors and styles, but also a variety of materials, of which they are made. After all, you can choose not only the traditional plastic or metal, but their hand-made wood, bones, nacre, or silver.

Owners of the high forehead and slicked hair lovers can opt for hoops and bands for hair: fur and textiles, decorated with bows and rhinestones, shimmering metal or plastic flashy colors.

Even once monotonous and invisible stud is now attracting a wealth of colors and variety of decor. But sometimes she wants to try on traditional crest, alluring in its simplicity, a home and, does not matter, topical.

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