Natalia Vodianova was struck by the size of his feet: a photo 2018

Natalia Vodianova was struck by the size of his feet: a photo 2018

The legs of the singer in the prestigious "Cossacks" shocked fans.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova, it seems, smuschyaetsya not flaunt their flaws. for instance, Not so long ago she showed Army fans ugly bare stomach with a strange navel. And at the moment, subscribers Natalia were very surprised to its size feet - it seems, very large for such a fragile girl. «42? 43?"- began to speculate in the comments.

A photo: @natasupernova

Naturally, here play the role and perspective, and prestigious, but ridiculous shoes. Still, we must recognize, look those feet even a little intimidating. by the way, just over his own feet (by the way, very long and slim) Vodianova gets the most criticism from Internet users. До этого, eg, commentators noticed Natalia knees, которые, по их воззрению, It becomes too wrinkled.

Well, As far as the size of the feet, in fact it is completely standard Vodianova - the full 39 minutes at growth 176 cm. Many stars are still below the growth of forced to buy shoes even larger.

for instance, Scarlett Johansson with moderate growth 160 see is the 40 th shoe size. Wherein, if it is due to something complex about, so it's far-fetched because the curvature of its feet. But feet are considered very nice.

Helena Bonham Carter growth still below Johansson, and her foot length is the same. Stupid would think, that eccentric actress would be smuschyatsya this feature. She did not even think to visually reduce the legs with the help of the prestigious shoe and walks calmly down the street in everyday slippers.

The same applies to small Kerry Washington, Lindsey Lohan, Blanca Suarez, Sienna Miller and other celebrities. We collected their pictures in one gallery.