Irina Shayk without photoshop, figure, a photo 2019

Irina Shayk without photoshop, figure, a photo 2019

Star, coming out of the gym, paparazzi have caught.

Irina Shayk has only recently hit the fans hot videoclip. Black leather mini-shorts with a reddish fringe almost did not hide the legs luxury model. After this movie, even specific Hayter could not find any at the neck of the 1st flaw.

But here is an embarrassment: on photo, made on the street, Irina legs look not so slim, as in advertising or on the catwalk.

A photo: A photo:

Fans suspected, Irina stress that seizes pastries and other calorie, but so delicious sweets. After about a love triangle Sheik, Cooper and Lady Gaga already knows, perhaps, the whole world. And let Gaga has denied rumors of a romance with Bradley, explained, that all of them have been tenderness staging and acting game, We believe it not all.

Yes, and she recognized Sheik, that although it is not jealous lover to a rival, it is very hard to listen to all the rumors and speculation, which has acquired situation.

Вобщем, there is a simpler explanation: tight leggings with floral pattern visually awkward hip Sheik made even fatter, than it actually is. For example, this recently happened with Jennifer Lopez.

Неясно, why the stars persist so adore this garment. It is obvious, that narrow leggings, and even bright colors or floral pattern, make even the perfect legs in two sausages. We gathered that a little fotodokazatelstv. view, both failed tights look the other stars!