Kim Kardashian without photoshop, figure: a photo 2019

Kim Kardashian without photoshop, figure: a photo 2019

These are some indescribable sizes.

One of the most popular girls in the world watches carefully for the, so that fans have not seen her in a bad form. Kim herself recognized, he could not even wash off makeup at night, if in the morning it when leaving the house once to make up. For photos on personal pages it has a special retoucher at a large salary. And at social events, Kim tries to look your best. Oh, something that, and conceal flaws clothing and beneficial pose in a scene she is able to.

But from time to time the paparazzi still manages to catch Kardashian on the street. And this time, reality TV star with the image of missed. Instead oversayz favorite-things she wore tight vinyl pants and halter top.

A photo: A photo:

frankly, these pants, which replaced the leather skinny, though it looks great, but shows only a very slender maidens. Because they are ruthlessly Tolstoy even a slim figure. A Kim, which is already characterized by lush forms, It becomes in them a vast. On the whole, her body, как выяснилось, very different from, that we see in her Instagram. Compare for yourself.

Kim's own Instagram ... A photo: @kimkardashian...and indeed Photos:

by the way, in one series of the reality show about the family of Kim Kardashian admitted, he could not tolerate his hips.

- I cry because of their every day! - complained to the star. - I train and hope, that one day they will become less!

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, this has not yet happened. А может быть, and does not cost anything to correct? It is not least thanks to the fifth point Kardashian became famous all over the world.

And the fans is not the first dispute, This natural form or there has not been without plastics. At one point, Kim even made an X-ray, to justify, that there is no silicone in her buttocks. The whole process was filmed on camera and was featured in the reality show. Silicone really was not. But medical experts reminded, that the Brazilian lift, when injected into the buttocks fat, taken from the sides (Hello, slim waist!), X-rays do not show anything.

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