Yana Churikova showed, what it looked like, when she weighed 90 kilograms

Yana Churikova showed, what it looked like, when she weighed 90 kilograms

Leading shared archival photos with admirers.

The star posted a picture on her own page in Instagram, made 20 years back. At that time, she began her professional career on the legendary MTV, brought up a whole generation in our country!

"What was, when she weighed 90 kg ... It's me - the editor, judging by the pieces of paper in my hands ", - signed a photo of Churikov.

Answers fans did not take long: “Eh, Janochka, young, naughty with a spark in his eyes ", "Where 90 kg? Beautiful girl".

Photo: @yana_chu

Times are changing, and Churikova too. Fans echoing in vain, that with age, a journalist looks even better. There is a style, and become ... But Yana managed to keep that youthful enthusiasm in herself, who helped her take the first steps in the profession.

At the moment, Yane 39. She is no longer a regular editor., she runs a television channel! And of course, TV host managed to take place and as a mother. Churikova brings up 9-year-old daughter Taisiya (from the second wife of Denis Lazarev, with whom I broke up after 8 years of marriage, Yana's first husband was director Ivan Tsybin).

Photo: @yana_chu

By the way

TV star looks great, but more than once admitted, what is not an ardent fan of trips to the beautician, although it does some beauty treatments. Yana is afraid of various injections, since she does not have time to recover from them. Now the presenter is satisfied with her appearance. The main secret of Churikova’s positive attitude is the ability to take one’s appearance and age with dignity. However, read celebrities, letting oneself bloom is impossible too.

Note, that Yana did not always adhere to such a position. 20 years ago she was unhappy with herself, when she weighed 90 kg! Churikova understood, what you need to lose weight, because being overweight is a taboo for a television career. She finished eating, drank only water with lemon. Certainly, such express weight loss seriously affected her health and work issues: could not concentrate, thought only about food, experienced weakness. At the moment, the star leads a healthy lifestyle., eats right and visits the gym in his spare time.