80-summer Jane Fonda admitted, that hates plastic surgery

80-summer Jane Fonda admitted, that hates plastic surgery

But she later said, that she still had to see a doctor.

80-year-old famous actress and fitness aerobics star Jane Fonda educates millions of people around the world, how to look fit and healthy. Looking at the star, it is safe to say, what she managed to beat time. Absolutely everyone thought so., but Jane admitted, that her appearance is the merit of a plastic surgeon.

The other day, Jane was on a series of questions for the HBO channel in honor of the release of the documentary "Jane Fonda: life in five acts ". The star told that, what does she like, how does she look for her age: “But I had plastic surgery. I'm not going to lie about it. ”.

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"I got tired of that, that look tired, even when I'm completely not tired ", - admitted by the Fund.

Не считая того, Jane noted, I don’t want to look like that: "I love old faces. I like live faces. I liked, what Vanessa Redgrave looked like. I wish I were bolder. But I am so, such as there is", - admitted the star.

the main thing, what does the foundation like, how does she look, even if it's the result of plastic.