What to Wear to a meeting classmates

What to Wear to a meeting classmates

For, to understand, what to wear to a meeting, need to know, where it will be held and that it, properly, for meeting: official (business) or informal.

Meeting with classmates - this is a very solemn and exciting moment, a report about, how your career has developed, and life after high school. On this day, you have to make an impression and be irresistible. Therefore, your outfit must match venue. For such a meeting is important to dress brightly, but not flashy, to attract the attention you, rather than your dress. As for men, that they should pay attention to fashion accessories: cufflinks, clock, umbrella, etc.. They underline your taste and sense of style.

Classic is always fashionable, but do not get involved in it much. For evening meetings can pick up a more modern version of the clothes, which will emphasize all your dignity. Also, at this event you need to feel relaxed, and not turn it into business negotiations.

As for business meetings, Here too there are nuances. During the business meeting you need not only to adhere to the dress code, but do not forget about his or her identity. As for men, and for women there is a line of business clothes. It mostly classic clothes. She is always in fashion, Elegance and refinement, there is nothing superfluous and pompous, and at the same time it is able to emphasize your uniqueness, your personal image and a subtle sense of style. Female business suit - is, usually, trouser or skirt suits. In this case, pants should be straight cut, and the skirt until the middle of the knee.

For business dinners and lunches made to wear dresses. in the evening, разумеется, It decided to put on an evening dress, and in the afternoon you can afford a stylish cocktail. In no case do not neglect the accessories, since they can highlight your status.

Business people should always be stylish travel bag, leather briefcase, elegant small handbag, stylish watch, fine jewelry, because each accessory can tell a lot about its owner.

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