Botulinoterapiya – rejuvenation in the Factory of Smiles!

Botulinoterapiya – rejuvenation in the Factory of Smiles!

Botulinum - one of the most effective techniques of injection, used in cosmetology age for several decades. And if you still have the prerogative of the ladies at the age recently botulinum toxin injections, today to this simple and highly effective method of rejuvenation is increasingly resorting young women, already had time to face the annoying problem of facial lines and wrinkles.

Immediately we want to mention, that in the "Beauty Injection" procedure, various drugs, containing botulinum toxin type A. Among the most popular - widely publicized Botox, and Dysport (Dysport) - French drug maker Ipsen, actively used in cosmetology, since the 80s of the last century.

Mechanism of action

Dysport belongs to the so-called muscle relaxants - drugs, the ability to block neuromuscular transmission. injection result (or more injections, if necessary) becomes a full relaxation of muscles and problem areas visible wrinkles and facial folds. Effect of the drug can be fully assessed after 14 days after the procedure. Dysport injections effect in most cases lasts for 3-4 months, but we know many cases cosmetologists, when the muscle relaxant effect for 6, and sometimes even 12 months.

Advantages of Dysport injections

Security. Despite the content of botulinum toxin, drug is harmless to the human body.

  • Visible effect after a few days. Some patients notice an improvement within the first 24 hours after injection of Dysport.
  • Versatility - preparation Dysport equally well used to combat unaesthetic folds brow, "Crow's feet", nasolabial facial wrinkles and other age-related changes. Besides, with the help of botulinum toxin can be easily and relatively quickly get rid of hyperhidrosis, and "flews", which is a serious aesthetic problem for many women.
  • Lack rehabilitation period.
  • Restoration of the skin in the area of ​​existing facial wrinkles.

problematic points

  • Dysport practically does not "work" with deep wrinkles age.
  • High enough price injections.
  • Time-limited effect of the drug.
  • contraindications, which must inform the specialist, performing injections.

How to choose a salon or clinic for the injection of Dysport?

Remember, that this service, as the "beauty shots" (including Dysport injections) their patients may offer only certified / licensed clinics and medical centers.

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