Skiing for running


Skiing for running

How to choose skis? Where to buy cross-country skiing? What put the attachment? What and how to lubricate? These are the questions we will answer in this article.

First of all you need to tell, that "cross-country" - this is a very broad concept, whose scope includes all types of skis, except mountain. "Cross-country" and called "amateur", and "professional", and "tourist" - discrepancy of names depending on the manufacturer of language. Very often, that one and the same ski called differently.

Купить беговые лыжи можно в диапазоне от 3 thousands to 18 thousand rubles. Of course, it is only about one pair, designed for specific climatic conditions. If you are going to participate in competitions, you will need two, and even more pairs

For those, who choose skis, to ride a couple of times in the forest over the weekend, we do not recommend to buy them, worth more than 8 thousand rubles.

The leader among the newcomers, любителей и даже профессионалов лыжного спорта бессменно на протяжении нескольких лет являются беговые лыжи «Фишер» (Fischer) - Austrian company, specializing in the production of sports equipment. We liked skiing this brand to customers due to their versatility: they will serve you in the European and Russian in our harsh terrain.

However, experts often recommend to buy two pairs of skis: on 28 the basis for the warmer winters and 5 for tough climate.

Waxing, we recommend the use of Swix and Star - in its composition and spectrum, lubrication of these firms are ideally suited for the majority of the ski and thus available.

By the choice of fixtures must be approached, perhaps, responsibly, than by skiing, because of attachment - the most important detail of all skiing. Today, you can share all the fixing of two types: cheap and outdated NN 75 (Nordic Norm 75мм) and expensive professional SNS (Salomon) и Compass (Roteffella). When choosing fixtures, despite the burning desire to buy cheaper, think about your own safety and convenience - you with mounts a long journey together.

To save a little on the expensive purchase, we recommend that you seek the assistance of online stores: choice because, usually, more, than in conventional stores, and lower prices. Before ordering skis on the Internet try to do without home delivery: skiing and all additional equipment for them - is to buy, requires mandatory fitting. Do not be lazy and try to wear all, that you will use in the future.

We hope, that our advice will be useful to you in your choice.