Protects from the sun

Protects from the sun

To obtain human skin sunbathing very useful, the most important advice is to - This dose of sunbathing, everything must be in favor and in this respect the rules of. Sunburn is inherently, It is an excellent cosmetic means, since sunlight on the skin, there is saturation of the skin with vitamins. In general, a tan is not just a beautiful half floor, but also men - That's very beautiful.

Так же, thanks to sunlight increases the immune system, improves the circulatory system, produced vitamin D.

But all is not well in excess, since an excess of solar the best you can get not only skin burns, but also skin cancer. To avoid this you need to protect your skin, with it not only the facial skin, but the whole body.

The most dangerous are the ultraviolet rays for us, They are immune to our eyes, and we will just can not feel, we can only understand the action of heat rays and light rays.

So how do we protect ourselves from ultraviolet, everything is very simple: remember and tell your loved ones, that the best tan and and the most useful, it is light and golden.

Sunburn is necessary to put layers and gradually. Increase the time spent in the sun should gradually. If you are a beginner, the lights in order to start or early in the morning, or in the evening, when the intensity of sunlight is minimal.

Remember at the time of noon and about three o'clock in the afternoon, it is best to fence themselves from the sun, This peak sunlight.

Never sunbathe with wet skin, especially in windy weather. Sunbathing is best when driving, instead of lying and changing the position as a kebab on a skewer, play a game of volleyball or even take a walk, This not only will benefit your body, but you still get an excellent and healthy tan.

If you are still burned, you can lubricate the skin of sour milk, vodka or eau de cologne.

Of course for hedging, You can use special creams, which protects against UV rays.

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