Choice of ski equipment - a serious matter


Choice of ski equipment - a serious matter

Every year the ski sports are becoming increasingly popular in many corners of the globe, where know firsthand, what the snow. Competitions in cross-country skiing, biathlon, freestyle, mountain slalom, ski jumping have a multimillion TV audience. The winners of these competitions are considered the real heroes not only in their own country, but also abroad. In Belarus, in ski sports competitions have a long history. But let's focus on the main attribute of skiing - skiing. They can be divided into several groups.

Depending on the target audience may be professional skiing, amateur, recreational and tourist. Немало специализированных магазинов предлагают приобрести лыжи в Минске . But you should know, what to buy the desirable professional skiing, who stands firmly on the track more than one year. This inventory is different lightness and maneuverability, but it is also the most expensive. One of the most famous ski manufacturer Rossignol is a French company, which specializes in professional skiing.

ski beginners can be advised to purchase amateur skiing (Fitness), who are also sports. Professional skiing equipment they have yet to anything, but amateur skiing will fall just right. They are a little bit easier, harder and, what is not less important, cheaper.

By, he loves to make tourist walks on skis, desirably selected tourist (Touring) skiing, ideal for travel over long distances. They are wider, than other types of skis, quite heavy (more 1,5 kg) and enough hard. On their lower surfaces make incisions, allow to avoid "slippage".

For, to perform burdensome, Nedalniy walks, Recreational skiing suit, which in many respects resemble the tourist, but a little easier (to 1,5 kg).

Обязательным приложением к любым лыжам служат лыжные ботинки , also having different purpose and modifications. Modern ski boots are complex technological product, which should take into account such parameters, as weather conditions, especially human foot structure, the impact of mechanical stress, as well as hygiene requirements and comfort. they also need to be well protected from the cold and rain. The professional ski boots are typically used the most modern technology. Specifications, Synthetic materials which possess, used in professional shoes, higher, than the natural materials, so the natural leather is used rarely and, usually, in combination with other materials. Ski boots for fans and tourists should be durable and comfortable, This is usually sufficient.