Choosing a costume

Choosing a costume

Business suit should be any man. Even if you do not like this style of clothing, in any case must still be stored up suit. Suddenly happen important, a momentous event, and you'll have nothing to. Immediately choose a suit is not so easy. Perhaps you already have a suit with the school years, but it is unlikely he will have time if you say your age 30. Now we'll show a few tips and recommendations on the choice of costume.

Ideal, but the most expensive option will suit tailoring individually. Then you can pick up a suitable masters, based on previous studies. Then you have the choice of material for the, style, any personal instruction for designer, Removing sizes, and manufacturing of costume. But not everyone can afford it, and the choice of costumes is very large, something will come up and like it should.

Suit selected depending on the constitution. If you have a slim, toned muscular body you can safely take a jacket with stretch fabric, to emphasize the dignity of the figure. You fit light jackets with one flange. To plump man preferable to choose jackets with smooth lines, seamlessly. Pockets, too, will only harm, like lapels. To divert attention from the big belly will tie, Picked in the color of the suit, but if the dark suit is a little lighter, and darker, if the suit is bright. The main thing that the shades of colors match.

helpful hints correctly read as a blog for men I-EGOIST, Lifestyle Section.

If you need an inexpensive decent suit, then pay attention to the composition of which it is sewn fabric. Usually, in the price range of economy class in the material should be a percentage of synthetics. products from 100% wool or flax today are a higher price category. If you need not choose a costume shrinkable woolen, flax, unlike wool wrinkled and more suitable for the summer period.

The main rule for a good suit, no matter how much it may cost - is, he sits on you and how comfortable and confident you feel in it. For this suit should if possible be ideally suited to your figure. If you yourself can not pick up a suit, do not hesitate to contact a consultant in a specialized salon-shop, who will always help you choose the right suit for you.

If you do decide to apply to the company, tailoring, it will certainly cost you dearly, than bought in a store, but also the probability, that will suit you sit the most stylish and comfortable will increase several times. When ordering a suit from the tailor, this is exactly what all the Hollywood stars, and only they know a lot about clothes.