News from Paris: L’Oreal is preparing a catwalk on the water

News from Paris: L’Oreal is preparing a catwalk on the water

As part of Fashion Week, the French company organized its own fashion show.

Parisian style elusive, but recognizable. As if from childhood they have an innate taste and the difficult question for many is “what to wear?»Decide in seconds. L'Oreal decided to fantasize about the images of beautiful women in Paris.

30 September in 15:00 in Moscow the company will hold its own fashion show, and what! An unusual design will be built specifically for this on the Seine., and during the defile, shipping will end. Thus anyone and the left, and from the right bank can see author's fantasies on the theme of Parisian style.

Burning images of the fall-winter season 2018/2019 will show 12 prestigious partner houses Le Défilé, jewelry will be provided by Chopard jewelry house. Well, and the make-up is for L’Oreal. Luckily, you don’t have to take tickets to Paris. Water show can be seen live on the link.

“Le Défilé gives L’Oréal Paris the opportunity to not only highlight fashionable expertise, but also share it with everyone! We are happy to invite thousands of guests to witness this greatest action and together glorify all the components of the brand’s DNA - the magic of Paris, natural beauty, creativity in all manifestations and abundance. We are sure, on the river Seine, all these components will sparkle with new colors and gain a colorful sound! We continue to move towards our goal - to make beauty and prestigious trends accessible to everyone. ”, - Pierre Emmanuel Angeloglu, International President of L’Oréal Paris.

Photo: L’Oreal press service archive

When: 30 September in 15:00 in Moscow.

Where: Paris, smooth broadcast here.