Valentine Rubtsov told about their diet: latest news 2018

Valentine Rubtsov told about their diet: latest news 2018

Valentine Rubtsov shared menu, which supports it to remain in perfect shape.

40-year-old star of the television series "Univer" and "SashaTanya" still looks like a student. And last but not least because of their own elegant figure, which are the envy does not matter which model. toned body, steel press, thin legs and a single gram of excess fat!

Fans are constantly bombarded with questions about the actress, how she keeps in shape. A Valentine with pleasure shares the secrets. And now she is just accompanied his bombicheskoe photos in a swimsuit (so to speak, nice illustration to, her weight-loss methods are effective) story about his menu.

Photo: @Ylv

«1. An empty stomach every morning drink 1 liter of warm water. The day always drink 2.5-3.5 liters. fundamentally: water always pure. Coffee, tea, juices do not think - it's food.

2. Breakfast: cereals, berries, fruit, cheesecakes, pancakes (but not more 3 pcs).

3. 2-second breakfast: any fruit.

4. Dinner: soups, borshti, vegetable stew, vegetable salads. Candidature bread - Green.

5. afternoon snack: fruit.

6. Dinner: at least some meat, except pork. Turkey, hen, a fish: bake, or cook. Garnish any vegetables. And dessert: fruit, or dried fruit ", - shared with subscribers Rubtsov.

So what, really possible to eat and pancakes, and any fruit - and not get fat? asked graduate nutritionist Olga Denisova commented on this menu.

"In all balanced diet Valentina - actress holding fractional power, but it does not sit on any fad diets. And it is right: because in our body must come all the nutrients, including fats, and carbohydrates. For breakfast you can really afford and pancake, and little sweets. If everything in moderation, harm will not. As for fruits and dried fruits, here you need to consider, Valentina is actively involved in sports. Because she can not afford even a high-calorie bananas or grapes, which have a high glycemic index. If you're not a fan of fitness, it is still better to confine or greenish apples, eg, grapefruit.

The most controversial issue in the menu - the amount of water, Rubtsov is recommended to drink more than three liters per day. Among scientists and nutritionists are still an ongoing debate about the accepted norm of water. In fact, the amount of water, the right personally to you, It depends on many factors: body mass index (weight and height), level of physical activity, even the weather outside. And under certain diseases (eg, kidney malfunction) much water can harm the general. But a liter of water immediately after waking up exactly can "pour" a not everyone - and it is not necessary. To start the digestion sufficiently few sips ".

A general, if you decide to lose weight, it is better not to follow the advice of Instagram, and apply directly to the experts: dietitian, nutriciologu, professional fitness coach. Then the result will not take long, and unexpected effects will not occur.

By the way, stars, who are over 40 and even 50, but they look half his age through proper diet and exercise, not so is not enough. Russian celebrities with perfect bodies - in our photo gallery.