forearm exercise - increases the strength of the grip

forearm exercise - increases the strength of the grip

If you think, that the weakness of his forearms can be compensated using special straps, you are greatly mistaken. Powerful grip you need, not only in traction exercises, but even in the bench press. And purely aesthetic "matchbox" forearms looked pale, especially against the backdrop of decent shoulders and chest.

Without power there is no volume

undoubtedly, strength and muscle mass is not the same thing, however forearms are one of the most slozhnoprokachivaemyh muscles. This means, to create their stressful conditions for growth need to influence them serious weights. How to make it, if you initially weak? Vicious circle? Not at all! Just it makes sense not only to work on a volume with exercise described here, but also strengthen the power of his forearms.

Towel to help

The first method - one of the easiest. Besides, it is perfectly applicable, in the hall, and beyond. You pay attention, that the load becomes harder to keep the, thicker than the width of the grip brush? Use this, to deliberately complicate the task of forearm. Exercises for the forearms can be made on the basis of familiar exercises for other muscle.

You do well to catch up? Then wrap a towel on the horizontal bar, making it thicker, and try to perform pull-ups, as before. At all, про упражнения на турнике более подробно можно прочесть .

You will easily hold the rod when the deadlift without the aid of straps? Then wrap a towel rod on the neck and try to accomplish the same number of lifts!

Well, and of course, you can train your grip strength with the help of a heavy load at the time of deduction. You can try to keep a pancake, as shown in the photo below:

or lift the neck with one hand rod for its thick edge (there, where the pancakes).

the main thing, Try to increase the length of the grip or add weight with each new workout.

power tumbling

Another category of exercise for the forearms is more complex and requires some preparation. If your gym has weights, you can use them as follows:. Perform all exercises presses them, (chest and shoulder press) holding weights upside:

So you have the strength of his forearms to keep in balance weights, so that they do not topple down, and it is quite difficult to do. At all, weight opens up a whole other load on your muscles.

If no weights, (and fitness rooms are a rarity) You can use the usual pancakes, performing lifting on a biceps demonstrated by the following method:

However, performing any exercises for the forearms, do not forget about the security of their own bundles - do not take extreme weight for yourself and always use wristbands.