Tara Reid was very thin

Tara Reid was very thin

If you still think, diet - the main way to glory, look at recent photos of actress.

Now the star of "American Pie" Tara Reid 43 of the year, and, looking at all, she desperately tries to hide this fact. At the peak of their careers, the actress was the epitome of the American Dream and the game of appetizing blondes without complexes. As we age, "palatability" began to increase, and after 30 Containers years markedly recovered. Wanting to regain its role and continue shooting, star began to try a variety of diets. However, the result, which made Reed, even more frightened of her fans, than the previous extra kilos.

Tara Reid, 10 December 2018 Photos years: Getty Images/gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/Contributor/GC ImagesTara Reid, 19 August 2018 Photos years: Getty Images/Albert L. Ortega/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment

For several years, the actress shoikruet own public and thinness, it seems, It is not going to rest on our laurels. This summer, fans of Tara could breathe: at social events, she began to appear refreshed, and has developed a memory, that the star has decided to stay in the normal weight. However, for a long time did not have to be happy. On the days of leaked photos paparazzi, where Tara is literally like a mummy: sunken cheeks and eyes, scary skinny legs and skinny arms.