school trails


school trails

From our region came many famous ski champions, conquer a medal for the country, and setting records. Cross-country skiing - a traditional sport in our area. Because hunting has long accounted for a large part of the lifestyle of the local population. And just to move in the winter always used skis, because the snow has always been deep, and it is the most convenient way to travel in these conditions. Gradually, everything changes, but skiing remains a traditional pastime.

I work in a rural school, and we have, until recently, was not in the normal ski school. There were some remnants - the debris from the old times. The disciples began to forget, What is cross-country skiing. Skiing home - this one, there are not always hunting for them to become. And not going anywhere in a school - lesson is a lesson. So I was thinking, когда задумал приобрести лыжи оптом для школы через интернет.

We had to buy a good modern skiing, but, that is not too expensive. The guys have promised to raise money, and I began to search on the net something suitable. quickly found. Потому, which immediately saw the advantages of the proposed ski STC. At first, they look very modern, at the same time meet the requirements for quality, I have previously put. skiing light, fully plastic outside with a wooden wedge inside. They have good flexibility, and wherein the high strength. You can choose different sizes and colors, as well as a smooth sliding surface, or with a notch. I did - chose the, that was needed.

For cross-country skiing, of course, need stick. I picked a stick of duralumin alloy brand Sross Sountry. They have a handy lanyard (a loop) and foot. Also, it was necessary to buy shoes, and fixing them. I chose it and the same brand - NN75. So, that surely all fully suited to each other.

Shoes with a modern design, and most importantly - strong and warm. Top synthetic leather, insulation of kaprovelyura, warm and soft insole. The sole thermoplastic, everything is done very soundly. experience has shown, the shoes are very warm and comfortable.

Metal fasteners NN75 is the best suited to these shoes, securely fix their three pins and a bow. Easily fastened and unbutton. One fixture comes strictly under the right shoe, the other - under the left.

Так мне удалось в одном месте заказать и купить лыжи и комплектацию к ним – хорошего качества и недорого. Our school trails alive, and continues to live!