The most intriguing components of perfumes

The most intriguing components of perfumes

Perfumes able to evoke unusual feelings and attract the attention of the opposite sex, that very often is really necessary. some odors, can affect our mood and state of mind. Some help relax and calm their nerves, while others give energy and strength, respectively,, adjusting for a positive and proactive. There is also such perfumes, which has a tempting aroma, but most often it is heavy and intense flavors.

If you do not want just a pleasant aroma, and the, who will be able to express your character and style, attracting the attention of others, should familiarize themselves with the individual ingredients, which will provide a similar effect. In today's article, online perfume store "Fragrancy" - , I have prepared information about the ingredients of male and female perfumes, who are able to really intrigue. If you're wondering, then immediately proceed to consider the options available.

What are the most intriguing components of perfumes?

The first ingredient, you should pay attention to, it tonka bean. Usually, This flavor retainer, which makes it more persistent and intense. When we are talking about the smell of tonka bean, it can be described as a mixture of several ingredients: vanilla, almonds and cinnamon. He is an extremely warm and gives the composition a mysterious character. Pay attention to the flavor composition, wherein tonka bean ingredients present at the start of the pyramid.

Another interesting component of men's and women's fragrances, also aroused the interest of the opposite sex, It is undoubtedly patchouli, fixative composition also projecting. Perfumes with its addition has musky note. Butter, obtained from this plant, It has a pleasant, sweetish, as well as grass-spicy scent.

pretty interesting, and even intriguing ingredient in perfumery is Bergamot. Many people take it for a flower - but it is no more, than citrus fruit. However, its flavor is almost has nothing to do with fruit, as the smell exudes subtle and delicate flowers. It is used to create both female, and men's fragrances.

By passing all things we should not forget about the iris. Men's and women's perfume with its admixture has a powdery scent with a hint of woody chords. Butter, obtained from this flower, It is the most expensive in the whole perfume industry. For this reason, the iris, usually, It is an integral part of expensive perfume perfume.

Another interesting component is the cardamom. Its fragrance brings a little sharpness in the entire perfume composition. The smell of cardamom also has something in common with the fruit-spicy aroma.