Russian supermodel, died of cancer in 44 of the year

Russian supermodel, died of cancer in 44 of the year

In the 90 Olga Pantyushenkova entered top 10 of the world's top models. She inspired Karl Lagerfeld, It was the face of a famous perfume Eden. He participated in the parade Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Chanel, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and other luxury brands, decorated with a top cover of glossy magazines.

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world podiya star passed away quietly, without noise and publicity. This happened 6 February, but about the disaster became known only recently. As it turned out, Olga few years was treated for cancer, but could not overcome the disease. Model died in his own mother's apartment in St. Petersburg. Died alone - no kids, nor beloved Olga was not.

Pantyushenkova became the first Russian model, which became famous after the fall of the curtain steel. AT 14 years won the contest "Supermodel of the USSR, 1991", after which it saw the well-known modeling agency Elite. AT 1995 Pantyushenkova year went to France, where she became one of the most relevant models of the world.

It happened novels, but, I recognized as a model, She wanted to build a family in their home country. it, к огорчению, did not happen. At the peak of popularity of Olga returned to Russia - to continue her modeling career, she was not going to.

"I was lucky enough to know Olya. Working with her was great joy! - designer Sergey Vasilyev told. - Olya is artistic by nature unusually, when it was part of the way and began to pose for the camera, all froze and kosteneli from moving action, studio space filled with some massive ether, light!

Olynы Beauty, natural aristocracy, spiritual fulfillment brought her international fame, a runaway success and recognition! Olga was the favorite couturier of stately - Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre, Thierry Mugler ... Sorry, that at home, в России, They do not appreciate and do not particularly remember the outstanding citizens, who managed his beauty, labor and intelligence to achieve global recognition! After Olu all the world accepted as a Russian model, as the envoy of the Russian beauty comes from St. Petersburg! I will always keep in mind Olina charm, subtlety, ethereal femininity, isolation from what is happening, she seemed to flew over the madding crowd and from above looking at the real and sometimes ruthless world!»