Do cardio load destroys your muscle mass?


Do cardio load destroys your muscle mass?

Most guys, who are seriously interested in building muscle are also severe paranoid about everything, what, in their opinion, may slow (or stop) their muscular mass increase.

They have been working on each gram of muscle weight and each added to a cube press, they do not want to see the slightest prejudice to their achievements.

No issue is more topical for muscle builders, Do cardio than the load will help or harm their goals.

Fortunately for you, if you're one of the many guys with this dilemma, research, finally, give us answers to this question.

Concern, cardio work that interferes with the growth of strength and muscle volume increase is not justified. However, to do aerobic and strength training at the same time by the method of, also known as "parallel" training, which has been studied by scientists with 1980 year there are also bad news.

When too much aerobic work is added at the beginning of muscle growth program, then an interference effect.

After that, the duration of cardio, its frequency and intensity exceeds a certain threshold, muscle strength and muscle size may be affected - in that order.

But cardio can do good things for your body, activation such as metabolic, fat combustion acceleration, improving heart health and fitness of the cardiovascular system.

It would be great, take advantage of these benefits of cardio workouts and at the same time reap the benefits of resistance training on strength and muscle growth. The good news is, you can combine it. The key is finding the right balance.

fitness, translated to English means exactly - to be in good shape. And what is the good form, if a person with a well-developed muscles start to feel shortness of breath, Having run a couple of hundred meters or climb the stairs to the 4-5 floor? Именно сочетание двух этих видов тренировок в клубе или тренажерном зале позволит вам хорошо себя чувствовать, pump impressive muscles and be in the form.

So what amount becomes excessive cardio?

At least four different studies on the simultaneous exercise came to a common conclusion: If cardio work (т.е. aerobic exercise or endurance training) It does not go beyond from 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the intensity) and no more than three days a week, the effect of interference is small or not available.

Once the cardio workout goes beyond these limits, there is a risk of damage to the strength and shape of the muscles.

does it mean, you never have to deal with more than cardio, than three days a week? Not necessary. If you have completed a program of muscle recruitment ("filling cycle ") and your goal is to transition to fat burning ("cutting cycle"), the increased frequency of contractions of the heart muscle can help you achieve the effect much faster and in less time training - and who does not want to?

smart fitness, is the key to smart training, It offers not afraid cardio loads, but just to know their priorities. Professional bodybuilders are a perfect example and exercise regularly guys-lovers can take a cue from them: known bodybuilders doing a cardio work every day before the competition, and, As we can clearly see, looking at their amazing physique, they retain all the scenes for their muscles intact.

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