Acne and crooked teeth: Cersei looks like in real life

Acne and crooked teeth: Cersei looks like in real life

If you kompleksuete because of appearance, look at Lena Headey without make-up.

Star of the series "Game of Thrones", finishing the season which will start soon, often criticized. In recent years, the main foci of intense discussions her person were two topics - appearance and political views. And on the days of the actress decided to give Hayter rebuffed on all fronts. Lin recorded video, which spoke aggressively against people, which discussions are its positions and have expressed negative evaluations.

The main topic of the post was advocating political views. Headey previously expressed its outlook on one of the most important environmental issues, for which he was subjected to harsh criticism. Lina highlighted in his speech, that the right to personal opinion is, everyone, and actors also have the opportunity to freely express his. The actress confessed, that the theme of the environment and the optimal management of its really care, because Lina is worried about the future of their loved ones.

Lena Headey as Cersei LannisterFoto: frame from the television series "Game of Thrones"

the, who this view does not share, Star advised simply unsubscribe from her Instagram. The same manipulation Headey gave hint followers, which for some reason are not satisfied with its appearance. apparently, to prove, that she is not afraid to appear before subscribers without make-up, Lin decided to record the video clip in a form, looking that it could form a memory, if the actress does not know, what skin care. Reddish rash on the cheeks, Acne - kind of defending their rights Headey cast of followers to even greater shock. Many also drew attention to the, that the stars are problems with dentition - crowding and incorrect bite charm smile did not add. obviously, We found those, who supported the actress, but the majority of subscribers have left not the most flattering comments, pointing out, Cersei that the screen they like even more.

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