Why does it feel sleepy after eating: doctor's explanation

Why does it feel sleepy after eating: doctor's explanation

Telling, what to do, so as not to doze off in the middle of the working day.

Autumn - and so sleepy time: rain, slush, the darkness outside the window makes us sad, from which you want to bury yourself in a cozy blanket, lie under the covers and sleep, sleep, sleep. And add to this time of year and such a mess: after a savory dinner, we also feel sleepy.

Here, in combination with the chilly weather, you can completely fall asleep, and right at the workplace. Why does this happen and how to deal with it, Wday.ru found out from a specialist.

Photo: Getty ImagesDietician Julia Chekhonina, Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category, Senior Researcher of the Polyclinic of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Research Institute of Nutrition:

- Usually, at lunchtime we're pretty hungry, which means, eat a lot, and from time to time we overeat. And when a huge amount of food enters the stomach, blood circulation increases and there is a small redistribution of blood flow towards the digestive system. In this way, the oxygen supply to the brain tissue decreases. From this there is a feeling of lethargy and drowsiness., performance decreases.

- To avoid this, it is necessary not to overeat and eat slowly. If we eat fast, we'll understand too late, what did you eat. After all, the feeling of saturation occurs approximately in 20 minutes. It's enough to eat one hot first course for lunch., and the second is better to have something proteinaceous with a vegetable side dish.

If you overeat and you are drawn to sleep, drink greenish tea or black tea with lemon - they act more gently, than coffee, but just as great.