Why owners of long hair have a strong power

Why owners of long hair have a strong power

About hidden magical power, contained in our tresses, Elena told parapsychologist Miffy.

Beautiful hair - a sign of health and one of the most important attributes of attractiveness. Any girl knows, how to use the hairstyle can change your mood: be serious with the collected hair or seductive to playful loose curls. Не считая этого, Since ancient times, people knew, a sacred significance strands, they have the opportunity to influence the state of the person and his life.

Photo: Stone/Getty ImagesЕлена Мифф, parapsiholoog:

- Knowledge of the importance of hair for centuries passed down from mother to daughter. In the old days they even called "lohmy", because after haired man connected with the cosmos, the source, with the universe. Each hair is the vehicle for the narrow energy - so we take the information from the very nature of, We keep in touch with her. The longer and healthier hair, the more energy and strength we receive. That's why in different cultures goddesses are always depicted with longish hair and bushy, symbolizing the greatness of their owners.

Вспомним, as in Russian folk tales foremost symbol of beauty girls was her long, thick braid. But the most interesting fact, that braids weaving was not only aesthetic rationale. Mother, braiding daughter plait, she passed her knowledge and wisdom. Hair, located along the spine, protected from the external negativity and dark forces. After all, there are all the specifically human energy centers. there were even, that girl with cropped skew is more vulnerable to any kind of jinx.

Also longish hair, Keep in touch with the subtle world and the beginning of gallakticheskim, helping to draw out energy and easier to hear your intuition. So you should take care of the hair, take care of them and use the magical power, which is given to us by nature. Moreover, in our time, people on a subconscious level, read about us on the outward appearance, and first of all pay attention not only to the eyes, but also on the hair. So, thick, shiny hair has always been associated with good health and psyche measured.