Plus-size model Ashley Graham gets fat on the eyes

Plus-size model Ashley Graham gets fat on the eyes

it seems, even underwear on it is about to crack at the seams.

One of the most popular size, plus-size models, Ashley Graham, thin was not even in childhood. But too full it is also not called: According to various sources, Graham weight ranged from 85 to 90 kg at growth 175 cm. May be, and too much for the standard model. But for an ordinary girl - in the normal range. How many in our country and in the world such beauties? Yes, every third. Especially Ashley she keeps in shape, and, in spite of the weight, her figure is always an hourglass: magnificent breasts, pronounced waist and curvy buttocks.

But that was until recently. And just a few months ago Ashley sharply beginning to blur. In the last photo clearly shows, she barely managed to get into a fashionable underwear.

A photo: @ashleygraham A photo: @ashleygraham

In addition, fans noticed: Ashley recently increasingly looks, to say the least, matter and messy ... On recent pictures of the star and disappeared altogether waist, and she looked like a keg. And on the lush hips Ashley, at the very bikini line, there were ugly folds, like leather cushions.

What happened? Most subscribers are inclined to believe, Graham recently podzabrosila training, because her body did not seem so resilient, like before. Others believe: not excluded, that the changes associated with the new advertising campaign of underwear, in which the model will take part. Yet international brands are often asked Ashley to lean on fast food before the photoshoot, so she really was plus-size.

Howbeit, hope, that such weight gain - a temporary phenomenon. Still want, Graham promoted to plus size beauty, not served demotivator for girls around the world.

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