About additional education for primary school children

About additional education for primary school children

Elementary School - during the final formation of outlook and character of the child. It is therefore particularly important to, the child as much as possible in contact during this period with a positive, useful, good.

A variant of this contact is the formation of additional, at school, and beyond. During these sessions the younger students can not only get practical skills in the chosen circle or sections, they expand their horizons, learn to think independently and create, succeed.

Additional education of younger students can be carried out in a strictly defined for the institutions and organizations, which guarantees parents the quality of the education and safety of children. These institutions include the nearby Palace of Art, art school, School of Music, school of Arts, Children and Youth Center, Sport section, and others.

So, eg, in drama school your child just months prau can overcome shyness, remove shyness completeness raskrepotitsya and develop their creativity. And after three months he will have vytupat on stage and participate in this play. He formed confidence when dealing with children of his age, expand horizons and it will be able to more fully develop their intellectual abilities. Also significantly improve the child content and expressive speech, and he will be able to more intelligently express their thoughts, and eventually be able to, if desired, prepare to enter the college theater.

The problem of additional education during these sessions to instill in younger students love of labor, desire for knowledge, stimulate their curiosity and desire to do. At the same time to give the children the necessary skills for their chosen course, whether it's needlework, Painting, singing or sports. The mandatory additional education teachers should follow the emotional atmosphere in the classroom and to correct it, if it is not sufficiently positive, find out why.

It must be remembered, further education - this time of rest younger students from the school, so it is unacceptable grading system and censure. The child should do everything with pleasure and voluntarily.