Nostalgia: 5 Photo Tatiana Ovsiyenko, that you've never seen

Nostalgia: 5 Photo Tatiana Ovsiyenko, that you've never seen

22 October marks the singer's birthday, she was 52 of the year.

When in 1988 year there was a playful young blonde with short hair fashion fleece in "Mirage" group, in a miniskirt, shorts, kosuhe, Many associate it with the star of German pop C. C. Catch.

Under Tatiana did not stay long, but when left the band and started performing solo, then soared even higher. In the 90s of each stall sounded Ovsiyenko voice and her words: "Remember, captain, how you escaped into the ocean ".

The hits "trucker" and "Card-game of cards" and danced the whole country. And Tatiana, singing all the same rather short skirt "Remember me young and beautiful", He jumps up on his knees to the men in the hall, and drove all from the brain.

During the years of his artistic career Ovsiyenko he tries on all possible wild and fashionable images. One of the first shorn almost a "hedgehog", She dyed her hair pink, I came on the scene in a bra, topped with stones.

Photo: Elizabeth Klementieva / TASS

At the moment, actress continues to tour and release new songs. But the main, she is happy in his personal life. Her offspring of Igor married and lives with his wife in Miami, there is growing 3-year old grandson Alex Singer, Tatiana and she waited for her lover from prison man - businessman Alexander (He served his sentence in the metropolitan detention center in August 2016 until May 2017) and I ventured to the wedding.

- I was getting ready, so I expect the day, when freed Sasha, - he admitted in an interview with Tatiana - Now I have everything in life are placed on the shelves. all living, healthy, all the wild. Finally, all your relatives, friends and colleagues can tell: I'm back. They have so much time to wait, I had to cancel a lot, and now we are simply lost in the studio and work. This is my song is sung: "Women's happiness - would have been pretty close". What is really needed by a woman? Everything and more. Just do not sit home and think about the age of. If you have the enthusiasm to learn, the, various kinds of creativity, you must strive to learn as much as possible. As for the beauty secrets ... What they may be 50 years old? I woke up at eight in the morning, smiles and says: "Thank, bozhenka, and for it ". We grow old with their wrinkles. I believe, that no special procedures are required, it all depends on the internal state. In particular, women. When you are on the positive, then with a grin all perceive - that already have, then it's all mine. Let it grow old with me.

On the day of the singer's birthday edition remembered her most Vivid reincarnation.