A bit of history: hockey sticks on the ice!

A bit of history: hockey sticks on the ice!

The birthplace of this popular sports game is considered Canada. The first mentions are ΧѴΙ century, in the paintings of Dutch artists.

In March 1875 took place debut hockey match. The material on this game was published in a Montreal newspaper. Commands consist each of 9 человек, Puck was made of wood and for the first time on the ice were put hockey gates. Playing field at the time was not. The main condition - to get the puck into the opponent's gate. Однако хоккейные коньки с тех пор претерпели немалые изменения.

The first rules were invented by students in the University of Montreal 1877 year. 1879 a year marked by the release of a rubber washer.

The game is gaining popularity, organized by the Amateur Hockey Association.

The order of the game has been improved, sistematizirovan and validated in 1886 year. The seven players were on the ice according to the rules. These included: goalkeeper, two defenders, centerline and two strikers. Across the width of the field actively worked best hockey player, shoots the puck. Change players during the match were not provided, replacement is only permitted if a player is injured. And these changes were made in the last period, and with the consent of the opposing team.

This year was marked by the fact, the first international game was held. There were teams of England and Canada. Four years later, held for four teams tournament.

AT 1893 , the Governor of Canada, Lord Arthur Stanley Cup was acquired, to award the winner. Thus was born the famous Stanley Cup.

WITH 1927 years for possession of the Cup of fighting players of the National Hockey League. In order to prevent players arguing about goals scored, на воротах появилась сетка. Хоккейные клюшки стали напоминать те, who played on this day. Steel whistle was replaced by bell, which came to replace the plastic whistle.

In the distant 1904 year ice reached a new level. In Canada, the first professional hockey team was created. At the same time the site has been set size, game was played in the new "six six" system. Teams are divided into professionals and amateurs.

For amateur players of the team was founded by Allan Cup, its owners could represent Canada at the world championships. Gradually the ice beyond the scope of Canada. This game became interested in Europe. In Paris at the beginning of the century created ΧΧ Ice International Ice Hockey Federation. It is composed of France, United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland.

Then there is the Canadian Hockey League, which later joined the International Federation.