Natalia Rudova forgot about epilation: a photo 2018

Natalia Rudova forgot about epilation: a photo 2018

Hayter again find fault with the actress.

As well as at least some stars, except for the faithful fans of Natalia Rudova there are antifanaty, who scrupulously seek out flaws at each new photo krosotki. And on the beach picture they finally found, for that criticize Natasha. And the thing is, that the hands of celebrities conspicuous blond hair.

A photo: @rudovanata

"The hair on his hands", "It would be possible to make an epilation", - began to write some commentators under the photo. "I do not understand those, who are trying all the time to find any flaws in the man ", - have begun to argue more. Indeed, silly to require Rudova (and even though some of the girls), so that she looked like a completely otfotoshoplennuyu Barbie doll. Especially lightweight fluff does not detract from the beauty Natalia.

Меж прочим, actress in this sense, far to many stars, who either out of forgetfulness, whether out of love for bodipozitivu do not consider it necessary to do hair removal. And there are many!

The most successful and beautiful Russian model Natalya Vodyanova at one point, shocked all of its output. At one of the events Natalia came to the dress with a high slit on the leg, which actually shows both legs model. That day Vodianova decided, that no one would see her abundant vegetation.

The star of the television series "The Big Bang Theory" and fanatical feminist Maim Byalik not just in his own interview to talk, he never shaves body hair. "If the girls no one spoke, it is necessary to shave, they would do it? If we changed our understanding of the natural and the hair on the body, cleaned to anyone of their monthly, weekly and daily?"- This question leads to think Mayim.

Model Paris Jackson already it has long cemented its reputation bodipozitivista. That's just her direction - unshaven legs. The star has long been practicing walking with hairy armpits and shins, and is not afraid of the attacks of its subscribers, that every time it is recommended to go to hair removal. gathered in a gallery of stars, which, Unlike Natalia Rudova, Indeed it would not hurt to go to the salon or at least take advantage of the usual razor.