Is it possible to live without conflicts

Is it possible to live without conflicts

Everyone has unpleasant moments in life.: anxiety at heart, anger and resentment from not understanding loved ones, dear person. Many words were spoken in a rush, that it's a shame to look in your eyes and don't want to see anyone. This state is familiar to everyone.. But what to do, apparently this is how the world works and we need to figure it out. Of course you can't live without conflicts, all people are different, everyone has their own thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. Everyone reacts to the best of their upbringing, understanding the current situation. Interesting, then, that grievances from loved ones are more painful, than just from a workmate.

When conflict arises

Conflict is formed, then, when everyone defends their point of view. If the conflict turned out bright with a cry, tears, then for sure there was a strain on the internal accumulated. Therefore, you should not accumulate negative emotions and claims to each other.. It is advisable to say them out loud, while trying not to offend anyone. Both parties at this moment should be attentive to each other..

How to avoid conflict

You can't live without conflicts, but you can avoid deep quarrels with stress and family destruction, relations.

  • To do this, you can read articles on psychology., eg - this will help you learn to better understand yourself and others.
  • Negotiate and declare rights in advance, responsibilities and other family rules.
  • Ability to give in to each other, agree.
  • The sensitivity of my self needs to be nurtured, taking into account other interests.
  • Someone else's opinion may exist, but should not prevail.

What to do if a conflict occurs

  • If a conflict has occurred, keep it from flaring up
  • Take a few deep breaths and
  • Do not scream before cooling down
  • Conflict can be turned into a joke, if it is appropriate in this situation

Some conflicts go away by themselves and are quickly forgotten., and some are firmly stuck in memory and periodically pop up, superimposed on top of another conflict. From which the weak side does not stand up and leaves the battlefield. Children at this moment become unnecessary.

There are many conflicts in family life and without them, no matter how, on the one hand, this is training and a way to get to know a person and get along with him, on the other hand, this is an example for children, to go into adulthood on your own a little hardened. No wonder they say, that hardships temper. Maneuver between conflicts, keeping the family afloat is not easy, female wisdom will help this, male firmness. Much can be overcome only together.