Can I eat after a workout


Can I eat after a workout

Imagine, You supermarket employee. Serves an endless queue of buyers. You do it every day reflexively. New trade policy at the store. Now you need to, to increase sales, during dance. At the same time fulfilling the perky Japanese songs. If you do not do it, you get fired. Think, how to change your efficiency and load.

Around the same job had to be done to our bodies. In the case of food intake after exercising. let's consider, what mechanisms take place in our body during exercise.

How the body responds to the load

Let us take as a model the work of muscles. We all know about the benefits of physical education. Поднимая отягощение, there comes a time, when the muscle is not able to cut more. The brain sends a signal, but receives no response. reserves are exhausted. At this time, the body includes a compensation mechanism. mobilized forces. Enhanced blood flow. For tired muscles forwarded nutrient reserves. All aimed at rapid recovery. Our body is quite reasonable, but it operates the same type in different situations. He does not care when you lift the dumbbell, or running away from an angry predator. Biochemistry of muscle does not change.

A bit of digestion

Once in the mouth, food is processed with saliva. Then passes through the gastrointestinal tract to food produced by biological fluids. Organism allocates a plurality of active substances. As well as increased blood flow to the muscles at the stomach and intestines. It takes hard, but not visible work for us.

heart work

Our heart is working non-stop throughout life. During the day, the muscle motor pumps about 10000 liters of blood. The blood volume in the body is limited to. In adults, approximately 5-6 liters of vital fluid. Blood supply of organs and tissues is adjusted depending on the circumstances. For example, if a person is frozen. It happens outflow of blood from the legs the minor bodies, hands, skin. The body will be primarily to save the brain and heart.

Having dealt with the mechanisms, occurring within us, We can answer the question of interest. The primary task is to survive. So the first, that will make our body to restore energy to the muscles. Suddenly again to escape from a predator. Then you can digest food in a relaxed atmosphere.


After a workout you can eat. But the body will act contrary to our preferences. Initially, survival then all the rest. The food will be digested longer, than necessary. There will be stagnation and fermentation. Our cardiovascular system will have to work for two masters. Which will lead to an unnecessary overload. Rationally after exercise cool, calm down and then restock.

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