Milla Jovovich can no longer hide wrinkles: Photo 2018

Milla Jovovich can no longer hide wrinkles: Photo 2018

42-summer actress on selfies were not helped by filters.

Milla Jovovich shared a cute selfie with her adorers with her daughter. And Internet users regretfully stated, that the star is aging. Even the photo filters could not hide the creases on the forehead of the actress.

Photo: @Jovovich mile

inter alia, Milla's deep wrinkles on her forehead were noticeable on the last exits to the reddish path. By the way, subscribers decided, may be, that's why Milla decided to let go of her bangs, which previously always laid sideways or even combed back?

Of course, with the capabilities of a star it’s hardly difficult to go to a cosmetologist and instantly adjust your appearance. But it seems, every day Milla is increasingly striving for body positive. At the same time, not at its best. This is no longer like loving your own body, and reluctance to monitor the appearance and look after yourself.

Recall, this year, Jovovich came to the Cannes Film Festival with bruises and abrasions in her hands. The actress did not even bother to somehow disguise them. And a couple of months ago, and without any embarrassment, she showed two million of her followers her hairy armpits. Now it comes to wrinkles. And something gives us a hint: Milla is unlikely to stab Botox, to make your forehead smooth.

And she is not alone in this. Not all celebrities are ready to sacrifice their own active facial expressions for a perfectly smooth forehead.

For instance, beloved by all Sarah Jessica Parker don't be embarrassed by, that there are a lot of wrinkles on her face, and on the forehead also very deep. The actress has repeatedly admitted in an interview, which always stands for naturalness and practically does not go to the cosmetologist (face cleaning once a year does not count). Of face care, she uses only sunscreen and a regular moisturizer.

Dragon Mom Emilia Clarke still very young, she just 31 year, however, the wrinkles on her forehead are, as if she were all 60 years old. It's all about a very active facial expression, because of which unattractive lines appear. Looking at the face of a star, know, that she obviously doesn’t go to the beautician’s appointments, but as if he didn’t know about injections.

Kate Middleton also total 36 years old, but her face does not look very young. She is always very emotional., and because of this, she had stripes in her forehead. Many consider, that wrinkles appeared due to the birth of three babies.

Russian beauty Natalya Vodyanova, apparently, also stands for naturalness, despite the fact that her deepest wrinkles on her forehead give her only charm. Model, like Milla Jovovich, quite often publishes pictures on Instagram in general without makeup and photoshop, why sometimes followers condemn her.