Mammalogy - the study of breast diseases

Mammalogy - the study of breast diseases

Mammalogy - a special medical section, which deals with the treatment of breast diseases. The function-mammalogy doctor enters breast examination, establishing diagnosis, treatment. Besides, recently received widespread preventive examinations, allow the detection of some types of pathological conditions, including neoplasms Cancer character, at an early stage.

Refer to the need to regularly mammologist, at least once a year. Doctor teach proper technique of self-, which should take place every month. Such examination involves visual and tactile inspection.

For any concerns as quickly as possible is necessary to seek medical advice. The reason may be a seal, swelling, discharge from the nipple, expansion of veins, pain when touched. The specialist will make a detailed study and clarify the diagnosis.

Diagnostic methods in mammology

Upon visual examination, the doctor begins to palpation - "manual" survey, which allows to evaluate the form, consistency, tissue uniformity. In some cases, at this stage of pathology detected, but it is not enough.

The most common method is to mammography - a picture using various modern devices. This may be a conventional x-ray film or a more detailed and accurate, obtained using a magnetic resonance tomograph. The latter allows to determine the beginning of the development of malignant tumors, even at an early stage.

It is considered to be sufficiently reliable ultrasound, which is characterized by the same absolute safe and painless. Modern ultrasound machines allow you to put a very precise diagnosis in the same way as conventional X-ray machines. Also mammologists used termomammografiyu and computed tomography.

The most common are diseases of the breast:

  • disease of the breast;
  • mastitis;
  • mammary cancer;
  • fibroadenoma;
  • laktostaz;
  • fibroadenoma;
  • lactocele;
  • leaf-tumor;
  • papilloma internal ducts, etc.. d.

When mastitis Doctors usually prescribe medication or its analogs, which can be purchased in "Algo-Farm" Online Usually, This drug does not show side effects, It is quite effective and removes all unpleasant symptoms.

The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chance of successful treatment and preservation of the breast. In modern medicine quite effective for the treatment of all these diseases, but only if, if the patient is addressed in time.