Maxim Galkin showed looks like without clothes and complained that the fatter

Maxim Galkin showed looks like without clothes and complained that the fatter

Maxim Galkin showed, looks like without clothes.

Star handsome often pleases army of four million of its subscribers the most extraordinary photographs. But such followers are not even waiting: Galkin showed his picture with bare torso. And in the usual joking manner complained of excess weight. "Silly penguin hides uncertainly body fat in the dressing room ... On the stomach time to do something", - Maxim has signed a frame.

A photo: @maxgalkinru

Fans immediately began to assure him, that no tummy at the actor is not in sight. Yes, may be, iron blocks press in the photo is not visible, but still Galkin is in pretty shape. true, One disadvantage of Maxima fans are still found - star ... advised to shave armpits. it seems, This snapshot of Internet users considered almost under the microscope.

As for the figures Galkina, it deservedly received compliments Sea. And how could it be different? After 42-year-old comedian has repeatedly demonstrated, it maintains itself in the form of. Here and riding, i walk to great, and swimming - you name it. But fitness is not particularly fan of Maxim and smuschyaetsya this periodically recognized. And the diet - not his way. Once he even showed the contents of their refrigerator with Pugacheva. What was the surprise of fans, when they realized, that Galkin and Pugacheva not keep the house unique delicacies, and eat all the same, that we are.

They were seen on the shelves of eggs, milk, condensed milk, ketchup and a few other types of tomato sauces and mayonnaise dressings, yogurt, fresh cucumbers, burgers and many other familiar products.

As Maxim, Russian pop Diva and without gaining excessive weight, but only stroyneyut, It remains a mystery.

And yet the West has recently appeared extremely popular trend of "Dad's body" (Dad Bod), who graciously allows peasants to have a small tummy. Popular personality is instantly found its justification fashion trend, to set free your belly. view, who is a former macho stouter and entered the "party" pot-bellied superstars.