I enjoy skiing? We look forward to Gudauri!


I enjoy skiing? We look forward to Gudauri!

Gudauri ski resort is considered to be the most developed resort not only in Georgia, but also in the Caucasus region. Nature has taken care and has created in this place and mountain passes, who were, never better, adapted for skiing. People had only to equip all.

To date, four long ski lift is located in Gudauri, which will take you to the top of the mountains, some very good ski slopes and a few large fields for freeriders.

Примечательно, that on top of the mountains you can climb not only with the help of lifts. You can deliver to helicopters. Of course, Therefore, the board of. You may like to climb, closest to the resort, vertices, and long, such as Cross Pass.

In the mid-80s the Austrian investors are conceived to be built in the town of Gudauri ski resort is unique. For comfortable stay of tourists then hotel "Marco Polo" was built. This hotel is operational and currently.

Unfortunately, the collapse of the Soviet Union, Unrest 80s and 90s, prevented the further development of this wonderful resort. all froze. It was only at the beginning of the 21st century, when normalized economic situation in Georgia, We do resort again. entertainment centers were built, restaurants, Cafe, hotels. Restored the old elevators, We set new. Added ski trails and much more.

Resort is located in a picturesque location, on 2155 meters above sea level. The snow melts in the summer. The rest of the snow reaches half meters. However, when the sun shines, here it is not cold and you can even get a tan.

The third of the four operating ski lifts will take you to the highest local mountain. Peak is located at a height 3000 m. View, which opens from the top of the mountain, beyond description. When you stand at the top and see the majestic beauty, tears in my eyes. The right word, Only because of this should come here.

The resort has the 8th ski slopes. They are of different complexity. Trails are divided into "blue", "Red" and "black". There are slalom slopes for advanced skiers. They are equipped in line with international standards and are certified by all. There are trails for beginners, where special instructors work. They will help you to properly handle the skis, snowboards and teach the basics of proper technique of skiing.

, good trails, wind in your face, breath type. What could be better for those, who loves extreme sports, who love the mountains! Come! relax!

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