Royal nutritionist named five products, where thinner Middleton

Royal nutritionist named five products, where thinner Middleton

Being the mother of three children, Kate manages to keep the weight within the limits 55 kilograms.

However much we admired the impeccable taste and clothes wife of Prince William, real delight is her figure ... After the birth of her third son in April, Kate took less than 3 months, to get in shape.

In this hard to believe, but now the mother of three children weight does not exceed 55 kilograms. But, as it turned out, it's not that simple! The most elegant Briton adheres to a strict diet. Royal nutritionist told in the days of about five products, that promote Middleton look great.

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So, eg, Duchess endear himself porridge, who eats berries and avocados.

In the midst of her favorite dishes, the number of Eastern tabbouleh salad of bulgur and finely chopped parsley, Arbuzov salads, soup gazpacho, marinated fish. But almond milk, which, rumored, Middleton drink liters, In fact, the Baroness does not like.

Moreover, Kate herself is surprised, where did this rumor went.

"I do not believe also around, that reading. I do not even like almond milk ", - she said during a visit to one of the restaurants.

Interesting, Meghan Markle that it does not refuse to itself in a delicious dinner. Moreover, star of "force majeure" even as it admitted, that can just eat a whole plate of spaghetti at night.