Kim Kardashian lost weight: Photo 2018

Kim Kardashian lost weight: Photo 2018

Seem to be, the star still managed to lose those extra pounds.

Kim Kardashian has been struggling with extra pounds for years with variable success., that stick on her belly, then on the lush hips. And finally she began to gain success! At the Versace show in New York, Kim appeared in a very bold mini, which actually completely opened her pretty built legs.

Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

But quite recently, Kim sparkled on the screen decrepit hips and cellulite, and on the reddish track she was not shy to show stretching underwear. But under a new outfit you’re unlikely to hide!

Seem to be, Kardashian sat down on her beloved diet again. After all, she often engages in training, but this effect has not yet reached.

Recall, Who, like some other Hollywood stars - a fan of today's fashionable ketogenic diet. Its meaning is, that carbohydrates are virtually completely eliminated from the diet. Protein products will be the basis of nutrition, fiber and fat. Well, and ordinary carbohydrates are completely prohibited. Any flour products, sweets, many vegetables, even berries and fruits are prohibited here. This means, the main source of energy for the body will no longer be carbohydrates and glucose, and ketones (hence the name of the diet). The body will receive these ketones., splitting adipose tissue. Hence the suitable effect: fat will leave quickly enough.

truth, nutritionists warn: such a diet can be dangerous. Especially if you stick to it constantly. You can read more about this here..

But if you need to throw a couple of centimeters, to impress with your view at the party, then a couple of days of such a diet will not hurt, that Kardashian justified by her example. The star didn’t even, despite the cold outside, put on outerwear, so that everyone can appreciate her efforts.

Let's see, will Kim be able to keep herself in the latest form constantly or after some time will again disappoint with photos without photoshop. And we decided to look, how the figure of Kardashian has changed in recent months.