What does the figure of Daria Pynzar look like in reality: photo in a swimsuit 2018

What does the figure of Daria Pynzar look like in reality: photo in a swimsuit 2018

Instagram star relaxed on the beach.

From an ordinary participant of "House-2" Daria has long turned into a real star of social networks. Her life is watched every day 3 million subscribers. by the way, thanks to such popularity, Pynzar probably makes good money on advertising on Instagram. How much do stars usually get paid for posts and likes?, can be read here.

of course, Dasha's page is replete with simply flawless photos. The more the followers were surprised, when in the middle of the pictures of the beauty one flashed without retouching and Photoshop. Pynzar in a blue bikini lies on him in this position, that her unpumped tummy became perfectly visible to all Internet users.

Fans liked Dasha's naturalness: @ darya_pinzar86

But the most unusual thing is, that Dasha's fans did not condemn her at all, but on the contrary, showered with compliments. They liked the naturalness of the photo.. But when Daria diligently used all methods to mask small figure flaws in similar pictures, it did not cause delight.

But this photographed snapshot has collected even fewer enthusiastic comments.: @ darya_pinzar86

Recall, not so long ago, Pynzar's husband also showed her in the frame with a plump. “And Dasha, turns out, so strong and not thin at all ", "This is a donut", - followers began to comment immediately.

by the way, after the girl moved to sunny Turkey, fans noticed, what's in the photo, which Dasha regularly posts on Instagram every day, the girl began to look older, than when I lived in Moscow. In addition, Dasha's forms have become more appetizing: she obviously typed from her heels (or even more) excess pounds. And even her favorite swimwear has become too small for her..