How does the 60-year-old Madonna without photoshop: news, Photo 2018

How does the 60-year-old Madonna without photoshop: news, Photo 2018

The difference with staged photo is shocking.

In August, the pop icon turned 60 years. Fans admire: Madonna still gorgeous and young, as well as on his own career peak. And really, star in a photo on Instagram own looks just fine. Yes and redchayshih Shots, 'Caught' by photographers on the chamber parties, it strikes a lovely figure.

But then came the paparazzi to photograph the singer closeup, when she walked down the street. And immediately it became clear, why no one way Madonna is complete without a wide-brimmed hat, scarves and tremendous sunglasses.

Feel the difference: Madonna in real life ... Photo: a photo on Instagram Photos:

I remember, litsezrev her selfie before anniversary, Hayter recommend Madonna to make plastic. This they have not yet beheld the famous diva without filters and Photoshop! Big bags under the eyes, loose porous skin, Bryl, double chin ... Many of its stellar counterparts (The same Sharon Stone) It looks much better than.

Naturally, Madonna of the ideals of beauty never chased, I prefer to create beauty-trends herself. But hardly wrinkles, bags under the eyes and other delights, who accidentally lit a singer, ever come into vogue. After all, it seems a priori beautiful healthy skin, and the Madonna with the obvious problems. Whether the bad habits affected, whether the mad rhythm of life.

In this case, it is hardly possible to argue, that the star itself indifferent, how it looks and how it is perceived by fans. For good reason it carefully Photoshop itself in personal Instagram and masquerades in the streets. It remains a mystery - why not bring all these efforts in a different direction and to start even though he would not go to the beautician.